Young Church Back in Church: 10.30am on Sundays
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D.I.Y. Young Church
Here are some links to videos, songs and activities:

story and craft

Find Story and Craft sessions with Senga on our Larbert East YouTube channel: 1.Paper cross and 2.Balloon and 3. Crown

wonder walks

Outdoor family fun: 8 'maps' take you on 8 different walks. Wherever you are, use the maps to enjoy reading the Bible together, ask each other questions and play games and activities.

Granny Bear
God is always with us
: Granny Bear Video from Sanctuary First

Messy church at home

Messy Church At Home: Avendale and Drumclog



One of our favourite songs: Jesus You're my Superhero


The Bible app for kids

The Bible app for kids

Friends and Heroes picture

 Explore the Friends and Heroes website. 


Mission Aviation Fellowship logo

Here are some resources from Mission Aviation Fellowship
We'll keep saving up our offerings when we meet back together.
Watch a video update about MAF

Guardians of Ancora picture

 Guardians of Ancora is a great Scripture Union free download game for 8 - 11s.
(But Irene's over 60 and loves it!) 


 baa baa song picture

And we loved the Baa Baa He's the Good Shepherd song from Sibling Harmony 

There are lots of great videos from Crossroads Kids' Club.
Watch this video about the Good Samaritan

Scripture Union Make and pray

Scripture Union Make and Pray


Max7 at home

Max7 at HOME



Do Mary Jalland's Funky Animal Groove Workout Song


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