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  • Ministry
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  • Kirk Session

    The Kirk Session looks after the spiritual needs of the Church: setting the time for worship, visiting members and adherents (those who attend but have not joined) and visiting all the groups within the church. It also has teams to look after specific areas of church life.  These can be found under Kirk Session Teams in the top menu.  

    The current list of Elders can be found below.

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  • Deacons Court

    The Deacons Court looks after the material needs of the Church. It primarily looks at two areas.

    1. Finance - Fundraising & collecting donations; redistributing money to charities we support; ensuring the accounts are completed to comply with charity legislation.
    2. Property - Looking after maintenance and repair of the Church, Church Halls, and Manse; making any changes required (compliance with disability law for instance); carrying out health and safety checks.

     The Deacons Court is comprised of all members of the Kirk Session plus additional Deacons.The current list of Deacons can be found below.

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