Larbert East Church

Kirk Session Teams

The Kirk Session has a number of specialist teams looking after specific areas of church life those teams are;

  1. The Mission Team - Which looks at the needs of the local community and considering ways in which we can help, local residents and local charities.Some of the successful results include the Schools Worker and the giving of Church flowers to a non-member every week.
  2. The Worship Team - Which looks at the content of church services, themes, music, multimedia, etc. Other groups come under this such as the choir, and praise band.
  3. The World Mission Team - Which looks at the needs of the world and how we can support with volunteering (i.e. Vine Trust), retail (i.e. Traidcraft), or fundraising (i.e. Christian Aid)
  4. Pastoral Care - Which looks after the care of our members and other members of our local community, with visits both at home and in hospital.
  5. SALT - Which is responsible for the technical input into worship. The sound team forms a sub-group taking responsibility for operating sound equipment during normal worship, recording services, and distributing CD's