Larbert East Church

Kirk Session Teams

The Kirk Session has a number of specialist teams looking after specific areas of church life those teams are;

  1. Parish Outreach Worker Project Group - Which is working towards appointing a person to fill this part time post.
  2. The Worship Team - Which looks at the content of church services, themes, music, multimedia, etc. Other groups come under this such as the choir, and praise band.
  3. The World Mission Team - Which looks at the needs of the world and how we can support with volunteering (i.e. Vine Trust), retail (i.e. Traidcraft), or fundraising (i.e. Christian Aid)
  4. Pastoral Care - Which looks after the care of our members and other members of our local community, with visits both at home and in hospital.
  5. SALT - Which is responsible for the technical input into worship. The sound team forms a sub-group taking responsibility for operating sound equipment during normal worship, recording services, and distributing CD's